Last month of 2020

Last month of 2020. A small post about this crazy year, 2020.


What a crazy year we had!
Even the last month of 2020 is crazy as we are urged, by the government, not to celebrate anything. Well, not in a huge way.
So we still have to slow it down. 2020 will be a year, never to forget.
That’s for sure.

Looking back

Before I begin with the last month of 2020, a quick and brief look back.
I made a post about the Covid-19 situation earlier this year and what it did to my creativity. Well, I have been creative, or just busy, a lot around the house with my camera. Maybe you’ve seen my photo’s on my social media accounts like Pinterest

Anyway, I’d not leave my camera on the shelf this year.
I also had the chance to take a holiday for 3 weeks, with my son and girlfriend. We had to be careful though but we had a great time anyway.
Above all, we had an amazing summer. A bit too amazing concerning the temperatures. I mean, for weeks it has been dry and hot.
Overall, it has been a good time for the insects and my macro photography!

Metal look

Only the camera?

No, during the nice and warm days I used it a lot but, I have to say, not every time. (a smartphone is a handy thing too, you know)
One of the activities we did was hiring a boat, we did it twice, was fun. We went to the Biesbosch for a day to spend time on the water. (yes, the camera was with me too)
But I had some responsibilities as the captain, maneuvering the boat through that small canals, so there was not a lot of time to use the thing.
More importantly, were the dives into the water during these hot days. Although getting back in the boat was a bit of a problem. I had to act like a seal to get back in the boat. (also a kind of wildlife…. different though)

2020 December
Lazy Seals

What about the last month of 2020?

As I mentioned in my post of June this year, I had plans to make some changes to the site. Well, I did that, this last month of 2020.
Just a different way of showing the galleries and other pages.
As a result, I had to do some reviewing of my site (a lot) and made small changes now and then.
I finally decide to make a real static home page and make my posts better readable.
Eventually, I placed buttons under the galleries so you can go to the next or the previous gallery. Luckily it was not a major operation to do that
So the site has a new look! How about that…

I’m doing some experimenting with ads on the site. Just for fun and to see how it works. Still need to figure out how to place ads and where. For me, it’s important not to have too many ads everywhere. An experiment in progress.
So if you see them, it’s ok. If it’s too much, send me a message 😉

She doesn’t agree… I think

Anything else?

Yes, there will be more coming. Photo’s for sure.
Keep an eye on my social media accounts. I’ll post every day one photo.
Also, the several projects I mentioned in my previous posts are still there.
Work is in progress.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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