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Concentrated hunting
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F-16 Dark Falcon
Welcome to ShiftyNL Home.

On ShiftyNL Home, I show all my photo’s and blogs with which I started in June 2018.

On this site, shiftynl-photography, you’ll find quite a lot of photos with a different subject.
I mean, I’m not specialized in anything.
I just take a photo when I think it’s worth it. For me, it is just fun.

What kind of photo’s

With regard to the photo’s, you’ll find wildlife, macro, street and a lot more photos in colour and black and white, obviously, as you can see on the left.

The Site

Regarding the site.
ShiftyNL Home is under construction constantly, trying to give it more shape every month.
Quite a job to do besides a fulltime job and family life.

At the right top of this page, you’ll find the menu from where you can go explore my work and information about myself and the gear I use.

My gear.

My favourite piece of equipment is the Fuji X-T3.
I own this camera for a year and I’m totally in love with it. Actually, I still have my Nikon D7200 with quite some lenses but I have to be honest. It’s neglected as we speak. But I don’t want to get rid of it. It’s still a very good camera and now and then I grab it.

You’ll also find links to other interesting websites.
Sites of friends but also sites with a lot of information which I used in the past and still use.

Welcome to, ShiftyNL Home.
Take look around. Maybe it’s inspiring you to hit the road and make your own photo’s and build a website.

Please leave comments if you want to.
Above all, Enjoy!