Through this portfolio, I like to show everyone, who is interested, my work so far.
I’ll add photos regularly or I might delete some as well because they no longer fit in the total.
I experience a change in the photo quality because I’m gaining more experience in photography. Getting more experienced will not change while I’ll learn every day, again and again.



This is an overview of all kind of flowers found in nature but also in a zoo or plant nurseries.

Aviation – Military

This will show you all kind of aviation activities from planes and helicopters


Our little friends who are around us doing, so important, their own thing in nature.

Black and White

Some photos just deserve to be shown in black and white. Black and white, which is getting more interesting to do, is my favorite nowadays.

Wildlife Birds

Lovely creatures in the wild. Love to see them do their own thing. Feeding, singing and just being busy.


Wildlife Birds of Prey

Intriguing creatures. They are so needed in nature. Sometimes I hate them, seeing them catch one of the smaller living creatures. Most of the time I do love them because they are who they are.


Wildlife Mammals

The Mammals. Majestic, big and small. Aren’t they just great to watch?



Always at our side and always willing to do something. I love them. Most of all because they are just that friend.


Landscapes and Skylines

Ever seen a scenery of a city or landscape which stole your heart? Me too.
In the “Landscape and Skylines”, you’ll find some photo’s which I took from some landscapes closeby and in the city of Rotterdam.


Back in the old days.
In the old days, everything was more beautiful, better. Not sure about that. Everything changes but one thing is certain. It’s fun to make photos anyways.


Cold Blooded

The cold-blooded on our planet.
Most of the time the exotic ones you’ll find in aquariums. Still, its fun certainly a challenge to get a good picture of them.


Beside my portfolio, I uploaded albums as well which show full series of some subjects.
To see more work please have a look at my Albums.

Social media

You can find my photos on several social media channels as well.