New photo’s added to my Portfolio

New photo’s added on my site ShiftyNL-Photography.

Since I started setting up this site and posting my first post in November 2017 a lot needed to be sorted out. The technical part behind this site but also a load of pictures.

In my last post of 2019-04-05, I added and updated some galleries.
And still, there are loads of pictures to sort out.

Saturday, 2018-04-07, I used my time to sort out all photo’s taken in 2016 en some from 2017.
Still, have loads to go through.
I re-edited some photo’s in Lightroom and Photoshop and added them to my Portfolio.

Look for them in Dogs, Wildlife_Birds, Wildlife_Mammals and Landscapes_Skylines.

In the Landscapes_Skylines a beautiful picture from the Overwaard windmills at Kinderdijk.

What else?

This week I have a football tournament and a school trip to the Zoo Blijdorp with my son Edze, which will probably add more photo’s to sort out ­čÖé

Yes, I have another Social Media channel. This time Pinterest.
Take a look over there. It’s nice.

What’s next?

Next week I’ll travel up north to visit the Frisian Flag 2018 and hope to get some new photo material from this event as well.

An update from this all will follow soon.

I’m also still working on the auto-post script.
It needs some scripting to have it all run smoothly.

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon ­čśë

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Have fun!!