2019 November

2019 November

My name is Rense and I live in The Netherlands together with my amazing son Edze and sweet girlfriend Sylvia.

After an almost 20-year break from photography, I started again with this great hobby, in 2016.
I never lost interest. For some reason, I was still looking for details in big and small things everywhere, around me.

Together with my huge interest in the military and specifically the aviation part of that I love to be in nature.
Because of the never-ending changes in nature happening around us, I was intrigued by it every day.

Eventually, I made new friends with the same photography hobby.
I went on several trips with them.  We were shooting all kinds of wildlife, street events, you name it.
In a word, I learned a lot, during these trips and consequently, the shooting was getting better.
The number of photos as well. It is a lot, as we speak.

All in all, I’m not having a specific interest or specialism in photography.
Altogether, I make a photo of what I think is worth it.
You’ll find photos of wildlife, people, structures, skylines, aviation, and anything else.

Every day, I post my photos, taken from the last years. Each month I place an album of the photos, posted in the previous month.

For the same reason as these albums, I’m posting my photos on several social media platforms too, like Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter and Viewbug.

Over here you’ll find all my albums of 2019

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