Updated My Portfolio on ShiftyNL-Photography

Updated My Portfolio on ShiftyNL-Photography

In my last post, I mentioned that added some new galleries to my portfolio.
Today galleries with some more older and newer work.


Two new Galleries are added to the site.

Bumble bee, My Portfolio
Bumble bee
What else?

I finally implemented an auto-post option into the site, which makes it possible to re-post any news and/or update to 5 other social media accounts.
Some live testing is in progress so you might see some not so useful messages the next couple of days which will be deleted afterwards. 😉

What’s next?

Again I added a new social media channel. This time Google+.
Because I was doing an online Social Media Course, I learned that a Google+ account adds a lot more to any posting you do.
Facebook and Instagram do have their own policies which are not always the best for you.
Have look at my Google+ account.

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon 😉

Click here for my Portfolio


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Author: Rense Sjoers


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