Puppy Shoot Aussie’s – Border Collies

Puppy Shoot

During a walk with Yaz, a few weeks ago, I met the owner of two beautiful dogs.
One full breed Australian shepherd dog and a mix of an Australian ShepherdBorder Collie.
More important for me was that I found out that the mixed breed was pregnant!
Dad is a full breed Border Collie…  O dear, what a beautiful mix will that be.
After that walk, I’d meet the owner a few times more and we agreed on a Puppy Shoot. (something different than a common sandpiper, right?)

Big yawn, Puppy Shoot
Big Yawn

And what an amazing opportunity I had this week. One shoot when they are three weeks old and after this one, one shoot will follow when these little monsters will be 6-7 weeks.

Taking it easy

Indeed, this was my very first time I would do a shoot with little puppies.
I did visit them 2 times prior to the shoot just to get acquainted with the puppies, the mother dog, and the location. This first-time, the shoot is just at home.

Mom and her youngsters, , Puppy Shoot
Mom and her youngsters
O Dear

Did you ever see a bunch of 10, blue-eyed puppies crawling around?
As a matter of fact, some of the 3 weeks old youngsters were even challenging each other, showing their teeth which aren’t even there yet.

It was difficult but so much fun to do. They were moving around all the time. It was almost if they knew some idiot was taking pictures of them. But after an hour or so I had them all captured and to tell the truth, I’m looking forward to the next shoot. I mean when they are +6 weeks old.
In short, that will be a challenge for sure.

Aussie_Border Collie Pup, Puppy Shoot
Aussie_Border Collie Pup
What’s next?

Keep an eye on my portfolio

These beautiful monsters can be found in the “Dog” gallery.


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New photo’s added to my Portfolio

New photo’s added on my site ShiftyNL-Photography.

Since I started setting up this site and posting my first post in November 2017 a lot needed to be sorted out. The technical part behind this site but also a load of pictures.

In my last post of 2019-04-05, I added and updated some galleries.
And still, there are loads of pictures to sort out.

Saturday, 2018-04-07, I used my time to sort out all photo’s taken in 2016 en some from 2017.
Still, have loads to go through.
I re-edited some photo’s in Lightroom and Photoshop and added them to my Portfolio.

Look for them in Dogs, Wildlife_Birds, Wildlife_Mammals and Landscapes_Skylines.

In the Landscapes_Skylines a beautiful picture from the Overwaard windmills at Kinderdijk.

What else?

This week I have a football tournament and a school trip to the Zoo Blijdorp with my son Edze, which will probably add more photo’s to sort out 🙂

Yes, I have another Social Media channel. This time Pinterest.
Take a look over there. It’s nice.

What’s next?

Next week I’ll travel up north to visit the Frisian Flag 2018 and hope to get some new photo material from this event as well.

An update from this all will follow soon.

I’m also still working on the auto-post script.
It needs some scripting to have it all run smoothly.

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon 😉

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Have fun!!



Galleries are up

Galleries are up

I mentioned it in my yesterday post
I’m Proud, I finally can say that the galleries are up.

galleries are up, Love, Galleries
Galleries are up

I started uploading and a first small selection of my photos are online.

I took me some time to gather the photo’s I like most. As a result of that, it took some more time than expected.
I’m still in post-processing the photos or started over, post-processing them.


I will post more in the future on the ongoing of this site.
In the meantime, I’m posting on my Twitter account too.
Over here you’ll find photos as well, which are (not yet) in any gallery

I promise, more will follow soon.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon 😉

Click here for my Portfolio

Have fun!!