Supercar Sunday 2019

Supercar Sunday, 2019.

Last year, on a day, I and my friend were wondering if there was anything else to photograph other then we normally do. He’s in the bird photography and I’m doing everything I think is worth to make photo off. Do you see my dilemma?
Anyway, on the chosen Sunday we headed for someplace I never had been before. The Circuit of Zandvoort was organizing the Supercar Sunday 2019.

This means the subject in March, as I mentioned in my last post for February and my Holiday in Croatia is only photos from this event.

Supercar Sunday 2019
At the circuit

Although I was not sure what to think of the rain, falling that day, there were loads of people! I was foreseeing problems for making any normal photo of a car in any way. Like ants, especially the younger boys were running up and down as soon they heard an engine running. And sometimes they had very good reason to have a look because some engines gave me the goosebumps too!!

Supercar Sunday 2019

Usually, a supercar is a two-door coupĂ© or convertible sports car. Of course, it’s equipped with a high-power engine and the body has a low air resistance. Usually, because I’ve seen all kinds of cars.
Some were of private owners who wanted to take a spin on the circuit and others were more professional, I think.

Anyway, there were old cars like Abart but also very supercar-like machines as I expect them to be.
Either way, it was fun to see them flying on the track with now and then the rain pouring down.
The first few rounds we saw quite some drifting in the turns. Loved it!

Supercar Sunday 2019 was a good choice.

Anything else?

I mentioned it already in previous posts but still, nothing happened. Anyway, the plans are still there and more are popping up.

I mentioned that I might be re-arranging the site this year. As said, I would like to do some more with the posted photos from the last 2 years. The galleries and albums might get a re-make only I don’t know yet in what way. I will also prepare a page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends. Haven’t started this one yet either.

Now I really need to find the time to do it.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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