A Month of Aviation in October

October, A Month Aviation

Why a whole month of aviation?
I mentioned in my previous post about Wings of Freedom that I did not post anything about my visit to the Air Force Days Dutch Airforce and that the Sanicole Airshow is coming up.

October, Month of Aviation
Saab JAS 39C – Airforce Days at Volkel
The events

I did visit 7 events this year.

  • Farewell Seaking
  • Frisian Flag 2019
  • KLU Historical Flight
  • A visit to the 301 Squadron
  • Airforce Days at Volkel
  • Wings of Freedom
  • Sanicole Airshow

I made a load of photos and after a selection, I still have to choose from about 1100 photos. Do I keep or delete them? Eventually, I can not choose!!
Because every day more photos, not only aviation photo’s, are added to the collection it is difficult to choose.
Above all, no, it’s not stressful!! It’s a hobby, still.

A few of the many

So, October is the month in which I’ll post one photo of a (former) military plane each day.
However, there a lot more beautiful photos which I might post in the coming months. Indeed, A Month of Aviation.

See the next couple of photos to get an impression.

Farewell Seaking
Eurofighter – Frisian Flag 2019
KLu Historial Flight
October, Month of Aviation
DHC1 Chipmunk- Wings of Freedom

Thus a month of Aviation….
I have to say, in my opinion, there are quite some awsome photos coming up.

What’s next?

For now, I don’t have any real plans made yet.

For this reason, I was thinking about doing some experiments with self-made tools to get some creative photo’s.
Even though I do make a lot of B&W photos already, it might be a nice project to do some (B&W) photography with my FX-35mm F2 R WR lens only.

Instead of doing nothing I’ll use my cameras anyway, everywhere.

O, and there is one project starting anyways! Ever heard of Photomyne?
Photomyne is an app with which you can scan old photos with your phone. Actually you take photo’s of your old prints and you store them in an online account and your phone.

From your phone, you can download to your computer as well. In this case, you can add them to a library and process them with Capture One, Lightroom or another photo-edit programme.

Anything else?

Yes, I’ll upload some new photo’s to the albums and portfolio in the next couple of weeks.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already or will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a nice day!!

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Sanicole Airshow

Sanicole Airshow

After the Frisian Flag 2019 and the Dutch Airforce Days, there is another great event to visit. This time in Belgium.

Aeroclub Sanicole and the Belgian Air Force organize an annual air show, called the International Sanicole Airshow. It is even the only annual Belgian civil aviation show, an there for a very special one. Therefore people from home and abroad come to Hechtel-Eksel airport.

The airshow has become a renowned event that offers plenty of spectacle for everyone.

NF5, Sanicole Airshow

Event Insider

In case you want updates on the airshows you can become an Event Insider
Obviously, as an Event Insider, you’ll get the following accordingly:

  • First the announcement of the participants.
  • The timing of the airshow flying display.
  • Discount on the purchase of your tickets.

You can become an Event Insider if you subscribe to the site of Sanicole


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AH-64D Apache helicopter

AH-64D Apache

During the visit to the Redskins 301sq, at the Gilze Rijen air force base, home of the Dutch AH-64D Apache helicopters, there was a very pleasant surprise at the end of the day.
A real demo flight of an AH-64D Apache.

Model helicopter

One of the employees did spend hours and hours of building a model of the AH-64D Apache helicopter.
The result is amazing. Honestly…..
Have a look at the two pictures down below.

AH-64D Apache helicopter
AH-64D Apache
AH-64D Apache helicopter
AH-64D Apache
Gilze Rijen air force base

Visiting the Gilze Rijen air force base is party time for me.
Last few years I did visit the air force base Gilze Rijen quite often. Last year, during the APROC 2018, was one of them.

I just love the AH-64D Apache. The sound, the machine itself, just everything. During these visits, I’m able to see the  AH-64D Apache helicopter closeby and it makes me happy.
When I have the opportunity again I will not say no to another visit.

What’s next?

I have some nice events coming up which, some of them, I already mentioned them in a previous post.

  • Next week Thursday I’ll visit the air force base Volkel.
  • 24th of August there is the Airshow Wings of Freedom. Tickets have been ordered for me and my girlfriend Sylvia.
  • In September I’ll visit the Sanicole Airshow. Tickets have been ordered for me and my girlfriend Sylvia.
  • In October, this year, I’ll have another amazing workshop shoot with Claudio Picolli. I’m really looking forward to that one as well.
Anything else?

I’ll try to post any activities as soon as possible.
However, you can follow me on social media or keep an eye on my portfolio


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2019, New road ahead

Wow, was 2018 a busy year!

Finally 2019, New-road ahead and lots of new things to do.

Now, 6 -7 weeks after moving in my new home everything is slowly getting its place again.
I’m used to having a lot more space, therefore, I have to be creative with the available space.
My house is a lovely place though. I even have a real garden with quite some little-feathered friends 🙂

.First visitor
First visitor


Last year I went to several events, visited an old friend, started a new job and moved to my new home.
Regrettably, I was not able to keep the updates going.
Too busy and too much going on to get everything arranged for the move to my new home.

My Photography

My photography never stopped.
Luckily, I still have loads of unposted pictures, therefore, posting every day will not be a problem. Follow me on my social media accounts to find out what has been posted.

2019, New-road ahead, lots of new things to happen!
New events

With regard to planes and helicopters, the next visits of airforce bases are already planned.

January 9, we had the Farewell Sea-King at the Airforce base Koksijde
The three of us left early so we had some time for a coffee, halfway the trip. Certainly, we arrived on schedule. This event started at 12.30 and we left (earlier) at 18.30. (We had an evening shoot as well!!)

I tell you, it was a very cold day I can tell. We were standing in the open field, just beside the runway. N-W wind straight in our faces, with a few hail and rain shower.

See some of my pictures down below

Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Startup, Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Hover, Farewell Seaking event, 2019

In April the Frisian Flag 2019 will be organized again.

June, 14 and 15th on the Airforce base Volkel, the Dutch airforce will organize the “Luchtmacht Dagen 2019”

September 13 – 15th, International Sanicole Airshow will organize an amazing show again.

Anything else?

I don’t know yet however I’ll find enough subject to take pictures from.

Furthermore, what I didn’t mention yet, is that I have new gear!!
However, I’ll tell you more about it soon. he pictures from Koksijde were made with this beast of a machine.

2019, New-road ahead, lots of new things to happen.

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