2019 Sanicole Airshow was awesome

Sanicole Airshow

Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium was the place where the 2019 Sanicole Airshow did take place this year. I did tell something about it in the previous post of September 30 this year and in my Events.

Ok, another whole month with aviation stuff in November.
Sanicole Airshow only this time.

2019 Sanicole Airshow

What a beautiful day it was.
Sun high in the sky, good ambience, my girlfriend beside me, we had our food and drinks and an amazing show.

This time the B-17 Sally B was there as well.
Due to technical problems, she was not able to visit the Wings of Freedom air show which we’d visit on August 24 this year.

Also a guest I only did see on the television.
An amazing USAF, CV-22 Osprey……

2019 Sanicole Airshow
CV-22 Osprey

This day, for me, was total awesomeness for sure.

What’s next?

I still have real plans made yet.
All the pictures of this 2019 Sanicole Airshow still need be finalized.

The Sanicole Airshow, for next year, is on the list though!

In the previous post I mentioned, I was thinking about doing some experiments with self-made tools to get some creative photo’s.
I also mentioned my FX-35mm F2 R WR lens for B&W but in the meantime, I have my Fuji XT30 back, which I used for B&W before.

And digitalizing my analogue pictures is still ready to start. Only the weather is still too good for this.

I don’t know yet what I will do. Just hang in there, wait and see 😉

Anything else?

I still need to upload some new photo’s to the albums and portfolio. I hope to do this in the next couple of weeks.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a nice day!!

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Airshow by Leaseweb Texel

Leaseweb Texel Airshow

It’s summer holiday. 6 weeks of time where kids don’t have to do anything… Well, just having a holiday. That’s all.
But it’s also time to do things which have never done before. What about an Airshow?

Besides all the birdy friends, dogs, puppies and anything else, I’m a great aviation fan and try to visit airbases as much as possible.
Someday my 8-year old son mentioned, after showing him some pictures of recent airbase visits, he wished he was there with me.
What a chance he had on his first day together with his dad, during this holiday. An airshow was planned on August 4th, just an hour and a half away!!

Trusty Rusty, Airshow
Trusty Rusty

Did you ever hear the sound of a P51 Mustang? (turn up your sound)

The preparations

The event tickets, the overnight stay and the boat crossing were arranged easily.
Airshows can be very noisy, so some ear protection was required for the little guy as well.

After the show, the plan was to visit my parents up north so Yaz was with us as well. But having Yaz with us all day, would not be a good idea so we arranged a nice place to stay, close to the airport.

Airbus A400M, Airshow
Airbus A400M
The show

After a good night sleep, eventually, we went to the airport and o dear……
Shops!!! However, it required some pushing not to by them all empty.
Quickly to the airstrip and wait for the show to start.

I mean, it was great to see all the shows. Unfortunately, some show had to quit early or didn’t start all due to (weather) circumstances. But did we see some good stuff!

Truck Top Landing, Airshow
Truck Top Landing
KDC 10 with F-16 support, Airshow
KDC 10 with F-16 support
MIL MI-24, Airshow
What’s next?

In short, with regard to an airshow, the next one is already planned.  The Belgian Air Force Day.
A real air force base is very exciting of course and therefore the little guy is looking forward to it already.

Happy little guy, Airshow
Happy little guy. Everything worth it

Keep an eye on my portfolio

This series will follow soon in an album.


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