Halfway through 2020

Halfway through 2020

Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re almost halfway through 2020 already!
A lot of things happened since my last post in February though.
As you all know we went straight in a global crisis with the Coronavirus.
Suddenly, everybody was staying at home. People got sick and some of them died. Lockdowns and new regulations to beat this virus were suddenly there.
Now what? What could we do…..

halfway through 2020
Halfway through 2020, COVID-19, CBR.nl



The virus, hitting us like a bomb, made us fall back on ourselves.
For example all events, music, aviation, you name it were cancelled. For my work I need to visit customers but no, prohibited. We had to keep a 1,5-meter distance from other people all of a sudden.
More importantly, due to this regulation, I haven’t seen my parents since January. I was also not able to visit my brother who had a severe surgery due to cancer.  Then, it was also not possible to see my girlfriend Sylvia and her kids too!!
On the other hand, when it all happened, my Son was with me for a few weeks. That was a blessing for me.


Under those circumstances, people were asked to take their responsibility which did lead to, I think, an amazing creativity boom. I mean creativity in every way thinkable.
So, because that’s where this site is about, photography changing as well.
It was not possible to go out into the streets or anything like that.
As we need to stay home, photography became a challenge too so creativity was required.

halfway through 2020
Corona crisis creativity

In January, I found on Facebook an advertisement from ExperthPhotography about “Wow Factor Photography”.
I’m sure it had to be this way to find this advertisement.
Anyway, there were quite some nice courses to do on this site!

The “Wow Factor Photography” teaches you all kind of creative ways to extend your photography skills. It’s just fun to do it.
Also, it makes you look differently at photography as well. At least I did.

During writing this post I decided to get more in-depth information in Macro Photography.
I mean, I post quite a lot of photo’s as Macro but actually it’s not.
To put it in another way, it’s actually, most of the time, a close up with a Fujinon 100-400mm  or a Fujinon 50- 140mm zoom lens.
On the 50- 140 mm lens I used extension tubes, now and then, so that is macro in some way.

No, I like to get into the real Macro photography this time. Let’s see if ExpertPhotography can give me the requirements for that.

Anything else?

I mentioned that I might be re-arranging the site this year.
As said, I would like to do some more with the posted photos from the last 2 years.
Well, Halfway through 2020, I did. Have a look here and see for yourself.

A page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends has been published as well.
Take a look here to find out about that!

You can also follow me on social media as I have already, and will, post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Street Photography in Rotterdam

Street Photography in Rotterdam

In my post last year about Black and White in June, I asked myself how it would be when doing street photography in the big city Rotterdam.
Eventually, it took me a while before I dared to dive into this kind of photography.

Red, Street Photography in Rotterdam

Taking pictures on the street is definitely something unusual.
Therefore I submitted to a workshop on street photography.
After some searching on the internet, I found a workshop, organized by Fokko Muller.
Thereafter, I entered the big city Rotterdam.
It appeared a scary thing to do, actually.

During this workshop, I had to do various exercises.
Each exercise had a different approach on how to take pictures.
Preferably ignored by the people who were my victims.

The results

In the end, I was absolutely happy with the results and street photography was less scary than expected.
When you approach the people in some way, they don’t even bother that you’re taking pictures. This also depends on how you aim the camera towards people.
The one-third rule helps a lot because you’re not aiming directly towards the people.

Together, Street Photography in Rotterdam

Thus, I’ll upload the album of this session somewhere in the next couple of weeks. I’ll not post all of them though. Just the good ones ( in my opinion)

What’s next?

I have some nice events coming up which, some of them, I already mentioned in a previous post.

  • Next week I’ll drive up north to the 2019 Frisian Flag
  • In October, this year, I’ll have another amazing workshop shoot with Claudio Picolli. I’m really looking forward to that one as well.
  • 2 more flight shows are scheduled to visit.
  • Spring is here, therefore I’ll get my macro gear more frequently. With my new Fuji XT3 combined with some macro tubes and analogue lens (Super Takamura 55mm), I enjoy myself a lot.If you like to find out what gear I use, in my post of 2018-04-09, I told something about the equipment. Something has changed though.
Anything else?

I’ll try to post any activities as soon as possible.
However, you can follow me on social media or keep an eye on my portfolio


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Scheveningen boulevard is under construction

The Scheveningen boulevard is under construction

I went to Scheveningen boulevard, yesterday, to enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach and terraces.
After parking the car close at Scheveningen harbor while walking towards the boulevard and the Scheveningen beach, I noticed a largely fenced building site, north of the Scheveningen boulevard.

Legal Graffiti

On some parts of the fence, paintings were made. While other parts were still blank. In addition, names were written down on the blank parts so in a few weeks the look will be different.

The two funny guys, on the photo down, told that local graffiti artists have been invited to do their artwork on this fence.

Funny guys, Scheveningen boulevard being rebuilt, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Funny guys

Yet, the assigned graffiti artists still need to paint large areas. On the other hand, there were already some nice paintings done.

Colorful movement, Scheveningen boulevard being rebuilt, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Colorful movement
Steady progress

On this beautiful day, two artists were working on their part of the fence though. The artists were working concentrated, surrounded by all their gear.

Busy spraying, Scheveningen boulevard, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Busy spraying
Busy spraying, Scheveningen boulevard, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Busy spraying

Anyway, I had a beautiful day.
Beside the fence getting shape slowly, it was nice to relax on one of the terraces and walk on Scheveningen boulevard.

I have to go back soon and check the progress of the artwork.
And walking at the Scheveningen beach or boulevard, on a beautiful day, is always fun anyway.

Chilling, Scheveningen boulevard, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Beach activity, Scheveningen boulevard, graffiti artists, Scheveningen beach
Beach activity
What’s next?

Preparing the Albums, where I told you about, is a bit more work than expected. Actually, I need to prepare a better plan to do so.  Just keep an eye on my portfolio and Albums


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Black and White in June

Black and White in June
Thumb up! Black and White
Thumb up!
Black and White

After some nice streets events, and day trips with Edze, I had quite some pictures to sort out. Some of them looked awesome in Black & White.
So I thought, let’s post one black and white photo each day in June!

The subjects

I’d read some articles about street photography, just to find out what to take into account before trying anything.

If you’re interested in street photography I would advise you to do some reading on this subject. A lot of articles can be found on the internet.
Keep in mind, it’s not what you do photograph but more how and when, with regard to privacy etc.

You can find some articles on my Flipboard page, Photography Tips, which I have been reading.

Actually, it’s just a matter of doing, scan your surrounding constantly and you’ll start to see more scenes worth photographing.

During the cycling event, I took my time and stayed in one place for some time, just to see what was happening around me. Of course, there were the situations with objects or persons which were easy to catch (like the cyclists) Others I found a little bit more difficult because I was close by and was hoping they didn’t notice me, staring at them through my lens. Exciting!!

During the day trips with Edze, most of the time I did not have the opportunity. A kid jumping around, yelling for his dad to see or do this and that is a challenge on its own. It was a lot of fun though.

The results

After gathering a lot of images of all kind of subjects I was very pleased with the results.
I had given myself the opportunity to do this experiment and I loved it!

What’s next?

More Black and White photos will follow definitely.
Most of the photo’s where taken in the place where I’m living. A small village. So much to see.
Imagine what will happen in a big city like Rotterdam!
I’ll plan a visit soon! So keep an eye on this site to find out what will happen. (can’t wait to find out? Have a look over here because it happened!!)

My portfolio has been updated already so if you can’t wait to see them, you’re welcome to have a look at my portfolio “Black & White”