Published Monthly Galleries

Published Monthly Galleries

I did mention something about some changes to my site in my previous posts.
Since July 2018 I started publishing photos every day with SNAP Autoposter. So, I introduce a new page called “Published Monthly Galleries

I published to several social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, Pinterest, Tumbler and Twitter. I didn’t publish these galleries, which I created for this posting using SNAP, on my own site.
Weird right?

What the..... Published Monthly Galleries
What the….. , Picture from July 2018
The Monthly galleries.

It speaks for it selves I think.
Each month, so far, will be shown as a gallery, from July 2018 up to December 2019.
The year 2020 will be added to the gallery at the end of 2020.

Anything else?

As mentioned in previous posts this, Published Monthly Galleries, is a start. Still, a lot to do though, which is good. Never a dull moment for me.

I will also prepare a page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends. I did make the draft pages already.
Just needs some polishing up. Will follow soon.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.
One of them is Flicker.

Yes, same photos as on this site but have a look around. You can find a lot of other photos from other contributors as well.
Some are very inspiring for my own photography activities.

About inspiration. Check this one!
If you like to do funny things with cheap stuff to get amazing photo’s then here you’re in the right place.
I haven’t started anything yet but it will be one of my projects for 2020.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

Please read my “Privacy Policy” here.

Author: Rense Sjoers


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