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My Flowers portfolio

Photography of Flowers

Over here I show some photos of flowers.

Aren’t they a special sight?
I just love them and can’t have them enough in my garden.
Of course, this is also photography related while all kind of insects visits my garden because of them.


One day I’d visit the De Orchideeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest with my wife, son and 2 photography friends.
Over here you” find all kind of gardens with different flowers and also animals.
It was an amazing experience to be there.
Obviously, I brought my camera with me.

You’ll find the Amazone rainforest, butterfly garden, Meerkats, an Orchid garden and a lot more.
They also have their own greenhouse and a shop.

The orchids shown on this page were taken on this location. I spend half a day photographing and for sure, I need to go back soon.

Flowers in the wild

Owning a dog means a lot of walks in the park and forest nearby.
I’m very happy to see that the wildflowers are left alone till the end of the season.
The result is that I can see all kind of them from the beginning till the end of their cycle.

Besides all the other wildlife, you’ll see flora everywhere during a nice walk.
In the wild, it’s even better to do some photographing of them, I think.

Big change

Luckily, over here in The Netherlands, more and more people are getting an awareness that flowers are important.
Farmers are seeding wildflowers on their lands to help the diversity of the flora and the insects.
Insects are very important for Mother nature so are flowers as well.

The awareness of people is a big change and a major opportunity to help the system which is depending on each other.
It helps in so many ways. Have a look around when you’re out. flowers are there.


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