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My Dog portfolio


A man’s best friend. Always and forever.
When I was younger I was afraid but I also loved dogs. I didn’t grow up with them. Only cats and rabbits were allowed.
Well, at that time, I didn’t have time to look after a dog either.

My first 2 friends

During an amazing adventure, the start-up of an own business in Slovakia, finally there were the 2 first dogs.
Denzel and Yasmin. Two Labrador retrievers, brother and sister, one black and one blond.
Living in the mountains and walking with those 2 was a wonderful experience, every day.
Due to a divorce, this adventure ended and my two friends, sadly, stayed with my ex-wife.

For six years now, I have my own beautiful Flat-Coated Retriever.
Yaz is her name and you’ll see her in the slide show as well. My best girlfriend ever.
She grew up with Sara and Meggie, two other 4 legged friends.

Dog photography

In 2017 I met Claudio Piccoli.
Claudio is specialized in dog photography. In October 2017 there was a workshop in The Netherlands that I attended. Two days of photographing and post-processing of our working friends.

The first day was the day of the shoot. Wow!! Beautiful dogs and what an amazing energy came loose when we started shooting. Obviously, too many photos were taken that day for sure.

On the second day, it was post-processing in Photoshop. I never used photoshop that way before.
Due to the high-speed actions, it was necessary though.

One other lesson learned was to get the dog as the subject of the photo. No distractions. The focus was on the dog. So I learned a lot of new tricks to use Photoshop in a way to achieve that. (not really my thing to do though)

In this portfolio, you’ll find a photo that will show you what I mean.
Look for the photo with the title “Emerge”. Do you see it?


Oooww, aren’t they cute!!!
Obviously, you’ll find some here as well.


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