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My Black & White portfolio

Black & white photography

Over here I show my Black & White photos.
Black & White gives me a good feeling on some photos. The colour version sometimes doesn’t meet the expectations. Changing to B&W sometimes does the trick, for me.

Minolta X-300s

My first camera was a Minolta X-300s with which my photography adventure started. I have shot loads of films!
Black & white was a popular way for me to do it in the 90s. Shooting, developing and printing all by my self.
Luckily I didn’t need to buy the gear for it as at the youth centre, De Skûle, I could use everything I needed. Just a small fee for using the gear, chemicals and photo paper was it.
I loved it!


I own, today, a Fujifilm X-T3, a Nikon D7200, a Fujifilm X-30, a Kodak Retina – Herlango 50mm f3.5, a Minolta 35mm f4.5 PROD and I bought back, after I sold my first one, another Minolta X300s.
The last 3 cameras are analogue cameras. I only use b&w film for them. ILFORD DELTA 400 at the moment.

Black & white Film simulation

With regard to b&w photography, I recently found out on youtube that on modern digital cameras a film simulation is possible. Have look at the channel of Omar Gonzalez Photography
On this channel, you’ll find a lot more nice videos too.

As there are (or were) quite some differences in the b&w films themselves, it’s a very nice option to use on modern cameras and not just for b&w only.
The film simulations are the work of Richie Roesch and you can find them at

Anyways. This should be on the page with interesting sites but for the  b&w geeks among us, I’m just sharing the information here as well.

Enjoy this portfolio. Come back now and then as I’ll add more soon

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