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My Bird Portfolio

Bird photography

Here you’ll find some of my bird photos which I took the last couple of years.
Birds, in their natural surrounding, are so beautiful little creatures.

I started bird photography in 2017 when an archery buddy of mine invited me to come along and visit a location to watch our little friends.
Early wake-ups and long drives to other locations, after that one visit, was the result.
Sitting in shelters, which were built in forests, for days. I experienced a lot of sleepy moments too!

Long walks

After a while, I found out that for me, sitting in shelters, was not the most thrilling experience when photographing birds.
How exciting is it, when you make a long walk, to meet these little friends in several different settings?
I prefer that the most.

Long walks in the fields, beaches or forests nearby are, for me, the best.
Not an easy way at all but very satisfying!


When I came back from a walk (or a shelter) there were a lot of common birds but sometimes I needed a little help.
To find out what species I was looking at I used a guide. Later I found a lot of information using as well.


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