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My Aviation portfolio

Aviation photography

Over here I show some Aviation photos.

I always say I don’t have a specific speciality with regard to photography. But I definitely have a great interest in aviation. Especially in the military!

In the beginning

As a little boy, a always had the dream to become an aviator.
The first planes I do remember are the starfighter and in the ’70s the introduction of the F-16.
Living close to the Leeuwarden Air-force base, I’d see those quite often.
I was up there with them a lot.


When I bought my first camera, a Minolta X-300s, I could be found many times nearby the air-force base.
I’d shoot lots of film during these visits!
My first visit to an air-force day was, at that moment, the most exciting day of my life.
Such a power, noise and the smell of the burning of fuel. Wow!!
Aviation at its best, I say.

An aviation career

Like I said. As a young boy, I wanted a career as an aviator.
Reading books, taking photos and of course, seeing the film Top Gun many times was a daily thing to do. Aviation was it for me.

Time for me to get a foot between the door to get a career in military aviation. Because of the film Top Gun, there were a lot of boys who wanted that as well.

In the ’90 I have been very close to a military career as an Apache helicopter pilot.
At that time, due to a lot of changes in the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the need for a limited amount of new pilots for the Apache helicopter, I did not succeed.
I made it to the last 20 of the selection though. They only needed 10 😉

I have been sick of it, that I didn’t make it, for years.
Very disappointed and not knowing what to do next.
It took years, till 2016 until I wanted to go out again and visit air shows.

Aviation. Yes, it’s still an amazing experience.

I did some posts on them as well but down below you can go directly to them.

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