New Gallery added on ShiftyNL-Photography

New Gallery added on ShiftyNL-Photography.







The Gallery

After working on my social media I also worked on the galleries.

The Wildlife_Birds has been added as a gallery to the Portfolio.
Which looks quite awesome.

What’s next?

I’m still looking for an auto-post script, most of all to get some posting automated.
Because of automating, I only need to align up posts and have the script do the rest for me.

And another social media has been added. In my previous post, I mentioned that I was working hard on this subject.
Have a look at my Tumblr account.

Now you think, Why are you using so many social media accounts?
That’s a good question.
Because I like fiddling with social media and web development, to some extent, I just love to be active in that way.

It’s fun!!

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon.

Click here for my Portfolio

Have fun!!


Author: Rense Sjoers


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