Interesting information

Interesting information

On this page, I’ll show some links to different other sites with interesting information.

On the page “About me” I was telling that, after quite some years, I picked up the photography hobby again.
In the years there’ve been so many changes so I really needed to get myself acquainted with the technology. I mean, there is no camera the same and more important is, what do I like to take photos of and what gear do I need?

You can spend your money only once, right?

Sites I used for selecting a camera

  • How to Choose a Camera – A Comprehensive Guide
    Jens Reviews will show a very comprehensive beginners guide which might be helpful on how to choose your gear.
  • Chipclean is a company in The Netherlands where I have my sensors cleaned when I’m not able any more to do it myself.
  • Ken Rockwell
    As mentioned on the page where I’m showing my Gear you can find a lot of information here on what is the best camera in combination with lenses, and a lot more too.
  • Theoria Apophasis

    This is a youtube channel which is, in my opinion, an amazing channel where a lot of interesting topics can be found on Nikon and Fujifilm. Also, a lot of info is given on lenses, flashlights etc.
    The information has been and still is, very helpful and I think the presentation is very funny.

    I also used the information from Theoria Apophasis to make a decision on buying my Fuji XT3 and the additional lenses and other gear.
    Yup, this guy made me spend my money and I do not regret it for a second 😉

interesting information
Fuji X-T3

Other great sites


Lens Geheimen: This site is owned by one of my buddies with who I visited a lot of locations in The Netherlands and Germany to shoot some nice pictures.

Social Media platforms

Facebook: You know 😉

Instagram: Need I say more…

Gurushots: A great site where you can watch pictures but also can show your own.
There are challenges to attend to so you can measure your self with other competitors. Just have a look and find out for your self.

FlickrThey claim to be almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.  I think it’s true. With a paid account you have a lot of benefits for all your pictures.  Not only for the posted pictures but you have also unlimited storage of any picture you make with your smartphone, using the Auto Upload of the Flickr App.

Tumblr: Another great site to show your own pictures or just to look around for any inspiration.

Viewbug: Same sort of site as Gurushots only a bit different regarding challenges. You can create your own as well.

My website

My website is a WordPress platform based site.
There’s no special reason why I chose this platform. One thing is sure, it’s easy to use with all the possibilities available.
For me, it was important to show my photos in an easy way and write blogs about whatever.
Additional plugins and a beautiful theme helped me to give everything a bit of a shape.

Down below I mention two of them but there is a lot more 🙂

If you like to build a website for yourself, do some research on the internet make a plan of how you want it done and go ahead.

Used plugins on this site


Because I’m using my site to show my photos, it means a lot of photos uploading to the website. So, photos are shown on screens in the end.
The size and quality of the uploaded photos too much.

I use ShortPixel to optimize and compress my photos.
Using this optimization and compression assure that the loading time of the photos is not too long.

If you’re planning to show a lot of photos, ShortPixel might be a good tool.

Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling Plugins

You’ve seen which Social media platforms I use, posting 1 photo each day.
You can imagine that this is a time-consuming process (besides your family, work, dog or whatever)

Till a few weeks ago I used the plugin called SNAP from NEXTScript
It’s a nice tool to do the posting for you when you want to. Follow the link to find out more and see if it’s something for you.

As I said, I used it till a few weeks ago.
I have to be honest about NEXTScript. The support is just horrible.
Autoposting to some Social Media platforms broke down and after requesting support the response is zero.

It’s a bit more costly but, if you really want a good alternative, have a look at Blog2Social.
Up to today, I found no problems, posting any photo or post.
The cost is a bit more but I’m happy to pay for it. Posting your photo, every day, on several different social media platforms is quite a time-consuming job.

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