Wait and nature comes to you

Wait and nature comes to you

I think this is true. Someone once told me: “Wait and nature comes to you”
He’s right although for some sceneries, animals or flora you have to get your gear and hit the road.
But, this is a subject about my own garden.

Wait and nature comes to youHedge sparrow

After the two months of aviation and this month finishing with the Sanicole Airshow 2019, this post is a preparation of the months to come.
Not he posting but going back into nature or as the title says, “Wait and nature comes to you”.

Feeding the birds

When I don’t forget, I give the birds extra food during the scarce time of the year. Ordered some feeding goodies as I have a different garden now and have space for it.

After the feeding, all kind of little creatures arrived. Making little fights and a lot of noise.
So, time to set up the camera because the little friends seemed to busy noticing me. I made some nice photo’s of my little friends as the Wren, sparrows, hedge sparrow, robin and even turtledoves.

Read the title again!

After a while, enjoying the feeding of the bunch of birdies I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye…..
After a while, me keeping very still, it came closer.

O dear, it’s shy

The picture above is just 2 and a half meters away from me!
Curious what kind of little friend this?


One of the smallest bird in Europe, the Goldcrest!!

This little one was looking for food just a few meters away from where I was standing. Not the sharpest photo but for this post, it will do
Is that a, Wait and nature comes to you, or not. It is, isn’t it?
More to come, keep an eye on my posts on social media.

What’s next?

Still thinking about it.

Today I mounted my Super-Takumar 55mm on my Fuji XT-3.
Made some shots with it, exercising the manual focus.  Had some good shots though.

For the rest, I don’t know yet what I will do. Just hang in there, wait and see 😉

Anything else?

I still need to upload some new photo’s to the albums and portfolio. I hope to do this in the next couple of weeks. I know, I said a few times already.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a nice day!!

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