Small changes and some new views

Small changes and some new views.

The second half of 2020 begins today.
We have seen the longest day of the year already and we’re on our way back to the shortest day…. Obviously, this is not meant to make someone depressive.
Anyways, I’ve been working on a few things.
So, you’ll see small changes and some new views.

Having a snack
The small changes (and some new views)

Why the changes?
Well, for the simple reason, I mentioned it in my previous posts in the last few months.

I’d mentioned the Monthly galleries and you can now view all of them up to June this year.
Thus, have a look and if you like let me know what you think.

Besides the Monthly galleries, I also made some changes to The albums.
In other words, you’ll see a different view as I changed the layout of some of them.

Furthermore, I decided to change the watermark, which I use for the photos. In August I’ll start using the following watermark:
Small changes and some new views

In all honesty, it’s not that fancy but I like it more than the old one. If you watched closely in the picture above you can see it already.
I think you’ll see it mostly in white colour.
Let me know what you think!

Anything else?

Yes, there is more to small changes and some new views.

Macro Photography

Since a week I own a LAOWA 65 mm CA Dreamer Macro 2X lens.
Last year and due to the COVID19 crisis I did a lot of photography close at home and in the garden. First I used my Fujinon 50-140mm lens and extension tubes, which gave quite good results.  Due to the fact that this setup is quite long and more difficult to handle I bought the LAOWA lens.
What a sweetie is this! I love it and I’ll definitely use this one a lot.
So Macro-photography is my new project for the next months to come.

Werk aan de Muur

You’ll see that (or you might already know) I post my photo’s on several social media accounts.
On 2 of these accounts, I do challenges and I feel lucky to have some photos featured 9 times at exhibitions and 1 time in a magazine through Gurushots.
At Viewbug I’m not doing bad either with TOP ranks in 2018 en 2019 + having photos rewarded with Peoples choice.
Have look at them by following the links down below.

So, people started asking me why I do not sell photos.
Well, I don’t know. Why should I? There a lot better photographers than me!
Just give it a try, they said.
So, that’s something new too. I’ll have a look at it and see which photos are qualified (for me) for selling.
When I’m up and running with that I’ll let you know.

How is that for small changes and some new views.

Like I said, you can follow me on social media as I have already, and will, post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Halfway through 2020

Halfway through 2020

Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re almost halfway through 2020 already!
A lot of things happened since my last post in February though.
As you all know we went straight in a global crisis with the Coronavirus.
Suddenly, everybody was staying at home. People got sick and some of them died. Lockdowns and new regulations to beat this virus were suddenly there.
Now what? What could we do…..

halfway through 2020
Halfway through 2020, COVID-19,



The virus, hitting us like a bomb, made us fall back on ourselves.
For example all events, music, aviation, you name it were cancelled. For my work I need to visit customers but no, prohibited. We had to keep a 1,5-meter distance from other people all of a sudden.
More importantly, due to this regulation, I haven’t seen my parents since January. I was also not able to visit my brother who had a severe surgery due to cancer.  Then, it was also not possible to see my girlfriend Sylvia and her kids too!!
On the other hand, when it all happened, my Son was with me for a few weeks. That was a blessing for me.


Under those circumstances, people were asked to take their responsibility which did lead to, I think, an amazing creativity boom. I mean creativity in every way thinkable.
So, because that’s where this site is about, photography changing as well.
It was not possible to go out into the streets or anything like that.
As we need to stay home, photography became a challenge too so creativity was required.

halfway through 2020
Corona crisis creativity

In January, I found on Facebook an advertisement from ExperthPhotography about “Wow Factor Photography”.
I’m sure it had to be this way to find this advertisement.
Anyway, there were quite some nice courses to do on this site!

The “Wow Factor Photography” teaches you all kind of creative ways to extend your photography skills. It’s just fun to do it.
Also, it makes you look differently at photography as well. At least I did.

During writing this post I decided to get more in-depth information in Macro Photography.
I mean, I post quite a lot of photo’s as Macro but actually it’s not.
To put it in another way, it’s actually, most of the time, a close up with a Fujinon 100-400mm  or a Fujinon 50- 140mm zoom lens.
On the 50- 140 mm lens I used extension tubes, now and then, so that is macro in some way.

No, I like to get into the real Macro photography this time. Let’s see if ExpertPhotography can give me the requirements for that.

Anything else?

I mentioned that I might be re-arranging the site this year.
As said, I would like to do some more with the posted photos from the last 2 years.
Well, Halfway through 2020, I did. Have a look here and see for yourself.

A page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends has been published as well.
Take a look here to find out about that!

You can also follow me on social media as I have already, and will, post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Supercar Sunday 2019

Supercar Sunday, 2019.

Last year, on a day, I and my friend were wondering if there was anything else to photograph other then we normally do. He’s in the bird photography and I’m doing everything I think is worth to make photo off. Do you see my dilemma?
Anyway, on the chosen Sunday we headed for someplace I never had been before. The Circuit of Zandvoort was organizing the Supercar Sunday 2019.

This means the subject in March, as I mentioned in my last post for February and my Holiday in Croatia is only photos from this event.

Supercar Sunday 2019
At the circuit

Although I was not sure what to think of the rain, falling that day, there were loads of people! I was foreseeing problems for making any normal photo of a car in any way. Like ants, especially the younger boys were running up and down as soon they heard an engine running. And sometimes they had very good reason to have a look because some engines gave me the goosebumps too!!

Supercar Sunday 2019

Usually, a supercar is a two-door coupé or convertible sports car. Of course, it’s equipped with a high-power engine and the body has a low air resistance. Usually, because I’ve seen all kinds of cars.
Some were of private owners who wanted to take a spin on the circuit and others were more professional, I think.

Anyway, there were old cars like Abart but also very supercar-like machines as I expect them to be.
Either way, it was fun to see them flying on the track with now and then the rain pouring down.
The first few rounds we saw quite some drifting in the turns. Loved it!

Supercar Sunday 2019 was a good choice.

Anything else?

I mentioned it already in previous posts but still, nothing happened. Anyway, the plans are still there and more are popping up.

I mentioned that I might be re-arranging the site this year. As said, I would like to do some more with the posted photos from the last 2 years. The galleries and albums might get a re-make only I don’t know yet in what way. I will also prepare a page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends. Haven’t started this one yet either.

Now I really need to find the time to do it.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Published Monthly Galleries

Published Monthly Galleries

I did mention something about some changes to my site in my previous posts.
Since July 2018 I started publishing photos every day with SNAP Autoposter. So, I introduce a new page called “Published Monthly Galleries

I published to several social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, Pinterest, Tumbler and Twitter. I didn’t publish these galleries, which I created for this posting using SNAP, on my own site.
Weird right?

What the..... Published Monthly Galleries
What the….. , Picture from July 2018
The Monthly galleries.

It speaks for it selves I think.
Each month, so far, will be shown as a gallery, from July 2018 up to December 2019.
The year 2020 will be added to the gallery at the end of 2020.

Anything else?

As mentioned in previous posts this, Published Monthly Galleries, is a start. Still, a lot to do though, which is good. Never a dull moment for me.

I will also prepare a page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends. I did make the draft pages already.
Just needs some polishing up. Will follow soon.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.
One of them is Flicker.

Yes, same photos as on this site but have a look around. You can find a lot of other photos from other contributors as well.
Some are very inspiring for my own photography activities.

About inspiration. Check this one!
If you like to do funny things with cheap stuff to get amazing photo’s then here you’re in the right place.
I haven’t started anything yet but it will be one of my projects for 2020.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Although I posted some random photo’s already, in February I’ll post photo’s from this beautiful country only.
Some slightly edited but I thought some photo’s just needed a bit more.

Just view, every day in February, a photo from Croatia on my social media channels and see the results for your selves.

The sea
Holiday in 2019

Croatia was the destination for our holiday. I was surprised by the beauty of this country.
Hearing the stories is just not the same as seeing the beauty of this country with your own eyes. We had wonderful weather, during the whole period, and during some evenings some amazing thunderstorms.
I think there is a big chance that I’ll plan a visit in the near future.

I hope you like the photos for the next 29 days.

Colorful umbrella’s
Anything else?

O dear,…
I mentioned it already in previous posts but I’m sorry.. Nothing came out of my hands so far.
Anyway, the plans are still there and more are popping up.

For example, I might be re-arranging the site this year. I would like to do some more with the posted photos from the last 2 years. 
The galleries and albums might get a re-make only I don’t know yet in what way.
I will also prepare a page with links to interesting sites with just information or photographer friends. 
Just keep an eye on this site.

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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Getting ready for 2020

Almost December

Time flies when you’re having fun they say. And did I have fun this year!
Beautiful summer for lots of macro pictures, some awesome air shows and a great vacation in Croatia. Now its time for Getting ready for 2020.

After a lot of aviation pictures in October and November, I’ll be back with a series of “everything pictures”, in December.
Although there is much more to show of the subject but No planes this time.

Getting ready for 2020
Silver tree
Getting ready for 2020

What does that mean?
Well, I don’t know. Because I live day by day I just watch and see what I’ll find on my path.
It will be an interesting year, just like last year, that I know.
New opportunities, challenges, you name it.

Nature is getting ready as well.
Although there is still a lot of food available, I see a lot of collar parakeets getting into the neighbourhoods to find some extras. We have real apple thieves over here!

Writing this post on November 2nd, I’ll make some preparations for the birds too. Getting some extra food in the tree is done every year during the colder months. And then wait to have nature come to me

Apple thief

Even the snails are getting ready, feeding on whatever they can, before they crawl in a hiding for the real cold.
Real winter has not been seen for years over here but you never know, right?

I need to be careful in the garden has these little friends are everywhere. I hate to step on them.

Looking over the edge
What’s next?

The next couple of weeks I’ll try to find out what there is to do regarding events etc.
As said, the Sanicole Airshow is on the list for 2020.

In an earlier post I mentioned, I was thinking about doing some experiments with self-made tools to get some creative photo’s.
I also mentioned my FX-35mm F2 R WR lens for B&W but in the meantime, I have my Fuji X30 back, which I used for B&W before.

I’m using the X3o again, having it close by all day long.

Digitalizing my analogue pictures is still ready to start, although my parents had me made some from there collection 😉

Anything else?

I still need to upload some new photo’s to the albums and portfolio. I hope to do this in the next couple of weeks.
Maybe I’ll change the concept of that entirely and make something completely different.
Yeah, that’s also getting ready for 202o

You can also follow me on social media as I have already and will post pictures on a daily base.

In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post.

Have a good one!!

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2019, New road ahead

Wow, was 2018 a busy year!

Finally 2019, New-road ahead and lots of new things to do.

Now, 6 -7 weeks after moving in my new home everything is slowly getting its place again.
I’m used to having a lot more space, therefore, I have to be creative with the available space.
My house is a lovely place though. I even have a real garden with quite some little-feathered friends 🙂

.First visitor
First visitor


Last year I went to several events, visited an old friend, started a new job and moved to my new home.
Regrettably, I was not able to keep the updates going.
Too busy and too much going on to get everything arranged for the move to my new home.

My Photography

My photography never stopped.
Luckily, I still have loads of unposted pictures, therefore, posting every day will not be a problem. Follow me on my social media accounts to find out what has been posted.

2019, New-road ahead, lots of new things to happen!
New events

With regard to planes and helicopters, the next visits of airforce bases are already planned.

January 9, we had the Farewell Sea-King at the Airforce base Koksijde
The three of us left early so we had some time for a coffee, halfway the trip. Certainly, we arrived on schedule. This event started at 12.30 and we left (earlier) at 18.30. (We had an evening shoot as well!!)

I tell you, it was a very cold day I can tell. We were standing in the open field, just beside the runway. N-W wind straight in our faces, with a few hail and rain shower.

See some of my pictures down below

Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Farewell Seaking event, 2019

Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Startup, Farewell Seaking event, 2019

Farewell Seaking event, 2019
Hover, Farewell Seaking event, 2019

In April the Frisian Flag 2019 will be organized again.

June, 14 and 15th on the Airforce base Volkel, the Dutch airforce will organize the “Luchtmacht Dagen 2019”

September 13 – 15th, International Sanicole Airshow will organize an amazing show again.

Anything else?

I don’t know yet however I’ll find enough subject to take pictures from.

Furthermore, what I didn’t mention yet, is that I have new gear!!
However, I’ll tell you more about it soon. he pictures from Koksijde were made with this beast of a machine.

2019, New-road ahead, lots of new things to happen.

Follow me on social media or keep an eye on my portfolio


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Thunder is coming, time for an experiment

Thunder is coming

Yesterday evening, dark clouds were floating in from the south-east.
I was checking the weather-app all the time to find out what it would bring this evening.

A few weeks of warm weather, no rain, made me run outdoors almost every day and visit my friends in the cool forest. Long, extremely, warm days eventually made me wish for something, which I like a lot. Watching the sky and checking apps it just had to be. Thunder is coming.

Thunderstorm, Thunder


Photographing thunderstorms or lightning is something I never did before.
So,  for me, it was time to do an experiment. In the room upstairs I had a good view on the arriving thunderstorm.

As soon as it started raining and the lightning was getting more intense, I grabbed my tripod and my camera with the AF-P Nikkor 18-55, F 3.5-5.6G lens.
Trying to get a good focus somewhere in the sky… Shutter speed set at 10″

Experiment, Thunderstorm, Thunder

During the set up I missed a few good ones… Shame.

But the view without the lighting was nice already!

Rainy window, Thunder
Rainy window

New setting for me

I never used the interval shooting option on the camera so I had to figure out how that setting worked. I read about it in the manual but there was no time to read that part again.
After fiddling with the camera menu I was ready to go.
Again, missed some good lightning shots.
First two times, I used the interval setting 125×1 with a shutter speed set on 10″
The third run was on 375×1 with the same shutter speed. That would take an hour to finish.

The results

As a result, I have been experimenting a total of  2 – 3 hours.
You need to take time for this, right?

After finishing up and when I was laying in my bed I really needed to see the results. Of course.
In total, I had over 600 pictures of this thunder experiment.
How many with a lightning ray?

Just 12.

But there were also some other interesting photos as well.
The river de Lek,  in front of my house, is always busy with all kind of ships.
I mean Cargoships just keep on moving. Also when normal people, who have nothing to do with shipping,  are sleeping…

I’m not normal I guess. On the other hand, it gave some nice photos which I need to sort out first.

Lightning, Thunder

Lightning, Thunder

I need more of these moments, eventually…
Instead the room upstairs, a different setting next time. Maybe somewhere in the fields??

What’s next?

Eventually, new photos will be added on a regular base.
furthermore, for any new experiments or experiences, I’ll make post updates.

Keep an eye on my portfolio

Regarding these beautiful lightning rays in this post.
They can be found in the “Landscape_Skyline_Street” gallery.


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Exciting coffee including Jumping spiders

Exciting coffee

Did you ever have an exciting coffee? Well, I did today!

In my previous post, I told you something about a spider right?
Read this down below!

Preparing the coffee

Sometimes you have the feeling you need another cup of coffee even though you already had quite a lot of it.
I have a lot of these moments so, my cup already close to the coffee machine indeed, it was time again.

Because picking up my cup, I think,  something moved fast away from me… Such as through the air! In all honesty, It scared me for a moment.
Having a quick look and I was on my way to grab the Fuji-X30 camera. (good macro function)

Jumping spider, Exciting coffee
Jumping spider

A jumping spider

The little jumping away thing was a jumping spider.

First of all, I see these spiders a lot around the house and on the balcony.
In bad weather, they hide in small silk litters in crevices and cracks, where they also spend the winter. Let’s say, we have a lot of these hidings around the house
Jumping spiders are day-active animals and prefer to stay in warm, sunny places. They stalk their prey on the ground, on walls or in bushes. When an unlucky prey comes within reach, it will be jumped.

A side note is that not all of the jumping spiders are carnivores but some spiders live partly on nectar.

Spider vs camera

I tried to make a photo of this little friend.
It attacked the camera by jumping against the lens and on top of the camera. Because this little one was a courageous spider definitely.

The jump

Hydraulically stretching of the hind legs makes them able to jump as they do. Jumping they catch prey and escape enemies.
Before the spider makes a jump, it first strands a security thread, in case it gets out of the course. A prey normally has little chance because the jump is usually very well calculated.

Have to say that my camera did not make any chance!!

Jumping spider, Jumping spider
Jumping spider

Finally the coffee

As a result of all of this, it was indeed an exciting coffee.
Especially because I was able to capture this beautiful creature with the camera.

A highly respected photographer whose work I know always adds the following text with his photos, “You have got to love nature and its creations.”

Nothing is truer than that.

Keep an eye on my portfolio

The little creature in this post can be found in the “Insects” gallery


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Summertime, new photo’s and a start with artistic photos


It is Summertime, it’s hot outside so I’m staying in, doing some preparing photos for the site for the next couple of weeks.
Although living close to the river, a lot of interesting activities happen too.

Lucky Bastard, Summertime, artistic photos, wildlife, black and white
Lucky Bastard

Last month I posted only black and white photo’s. I thought it was fun to do. Still, have a lot of photos who might like nice in black & white.

To find my way more into Photoshop I recently started an online course which covers loads of ways to do more with black & white and making artistic photos.

When you like the idea to do the same please have look at “My Photo Artistic Life
I already learned a lot more in the last 3 weeks.

Artistic Photos

I think that will be my next project for the next couple of months.
Using your photos in a more artistic way or just combining them in some other way. So, as I found out, it made me keep more photos instead of deleting them.

Yes, needed to check and recheck the photos to find out which ones I wanted to keep for sure, and maybe use them for my new project.

Last month I showed already two or three of them in my black and white series. Also in my post where I told you about my visit to Scheveningen, there is one altered picture.
These were my first ones, let’s say tryouts. Fun to make them. I would like to make more.

What’s next?

In the month of July, I’ll post a gathering of older and new photos.
There will be birds, landscapes, black and white, and mammals.
Mostly the usual, wildlife.

Enjoying the summer, Summertime, artistic photos, wildlife, black and white
Enjoying the summer

My portfolio has been updated some so you’re welcome to have a look at my portfolio

I’ll make some changes in my portfolio and albums in the next couple of weeks. (Yes, still working on it)

Keep an eye on it and check in now and then.


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