Up and running

Up and running.

There we are then.
Finally, a website site where my photos will be shown to everyone who likes to see them is up and running.
This is just the beginning. Need still to sort out a lot.

I started photography again in 2016, after a more than 25 year of silence.
The passion of photography did never vanish though.
Of course, I have taken photo’s the last 25 years but never in the way I liked to do.

So, as said, in June 2016, I bought a new camera with a nice kit lens.
I experimented in all kind of ways. But I got really the hang of it again after taking photos of wildlife.


I got inspired to do wildlife photography by some good friends.
One of them is hosting the site “Lensgeheimen
Amazing photo’s of all kind animals can be seen here too.

Up, up and running, Little white Egret
Little white Egret






The technical part

And then I had loads of photos. Sharing on Facebook or Instagram.
But the drive to make an own site was still huge.
Another friend, which I met due to my interest in the military aviation photography, helped me with getting this website in shape. ShiftyNL-Photography is getting a shape.

Thank you, HP for helping me out with the technical part of this project.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out on this site because more will follow soon 😉

Click here for my Portfolio

Have fun!!