The year 2021, back to normal?

The year 2021, back to normal?

Well, here we are then. The year 2021, back to normal? Leaving a year behind us, which we will never forget. It has been hard but in a way, it was interesting too. At least that’s what I think. I had a great Christmas time and a new years eve. And here is The year 2021. Will we be able to go back to normal?


Under the circumstances, as we were last year, being with family made it more intense for me. I mean, being together with your girlfriend and the children, in this situation, knowing that the rest of your family can’t be with you is quite something. Because of the technologies, we have nowadays they were not far away anyway. Our phones and laptops were on the chargers constantly, using them so much as we did the last few weeks. We used Face timing, WhatsApp videos a lot, because of these technologies. In fact, it made the contact with our family more valuable.

The year 2021, back to normal?

I truly hope we’ll have a different year ahead of us. By all means, let the Covid-19 be gone. My dad will have his 75th birthday at the end of this month. Would be a shame not able to visit him. Also visiting other family and friends or an event would be great too. For me, it’s taking too long. One thing will be normal though. Making photos can be done all the time, right?

Anything else?

As I mentioned in my post and  my last post of December 12th, 2020 I’m working on some new things for the website. While working on this site I made plans to make a change over of the site completely. Due to the fact it’s not good practice to make changes on the live site, I’m working on a new look, for my website, on my laptop. In the meantime, all the monthly galleries of 2020 are up. You can see all the photos I posted last year, every day per month. 2019 and 2018 are there as well. Yes, there will be more coming. Photo’s for sure. Keep an eye on my social media accounts. I’ll post every day one photo. I stopped using Facebook though. What a horrible platform. In a few weeks, without any reason, I was banned by Facebook several times. Needed to changes passwords so many times as well, so that’s was it for me. I didn’t receive any explanation or whatever. So have a look at Instagram or Tumblr Also, the several projects I mentioned in my previous posts are still there. Work is in progress. In case something new comes up I’ll let you know with an update post. Have a good one!! Please read my “Privacy Policy” here.