Frisian Flag 2018

Frisian Flag 2018

I’d visited the large-scale international exercise Frisian Flag 2018 on April 16th.
This exercise was held from Sunday 8 April to Friday 20 April 2018, at the Leeuwarden Air Base as I mentioned in the previous post on April 22.

FA-18 Hornet, Spain, Frisian Flag 2018

The event

From Sunday 8 April to Friday 20 April, Leeuwarden Air Base hosted the large-scale international exercise Frisian Flag 2018.

I had the opportunity to visit this major event in the north of our beautiful country on April 16th.  I had an early start that morning and found my way to the spotter’s hill early. The spotter’s hill is close to runway 05.
After parking my car it didn’t take long before the first wave took off.

Except for the Polish MIG-29 Fulcrum’s (2x), all planes took off, returning within an hour and a half accordingly.
After the aircraft returned back and landed safely we had a break for about an hour or so before the second wave started.

Total Clicks

Well, at the end of the day the total clicks of my camera were up with a bit more than 3200 photos taken. (o my god… )
More importantly, I had a great day and even more, it felt good to be back close to the base again.

The Album

By clicking on the picture down below, or follwing this link you’ll find the final album of this amazing event.

This album will show you most of the fighter planes.
You’ll see them just after take-off and when taxiing at the end of the runway after landing accordingly.
Because there are two waves, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, as a result, you’ll see planes several times.
Therefore I’ve left some of them out of this album.

But hey! It’s still awesome.

Anything else?

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