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Western marsh harrier
2018 APROC Gilze Rijen

2018 is the year that the Royal Netherlands Air Force hosted the exercise APROC 2018.
Therefore 30 aircraft from 7 different countries involved, settled in at air force base Gilse Rijen, from May 23 to June 6.
The album, although not showing all the pictures, is online.

2018 Airforce base Beauvechain, Belgium:

This visit was on 2018-04-27 with GRAS, Gilze Rijen Aviation Asociation

This day I had the opportunity to have a look in the kitchen of the Belgian Airforce at Airforce base Beauvechain, Belgium. I will add more photos soon.
I have post-processed the photos with an HDR Overdrive preset.

2018 Frisian Flag

From Sunday 8 April to Friday 20 April, Leeuwarden Air Base hosted the large-scale international exercise Frisian Flag 2018.


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