About Rense

About Rense

Rense is a single father and with his great son, he lives in The Netherlands.
Rense worked most of his career in the maritime, oil- and gas sector as a project manager in the after sales. In his free time, Rense was busy with 3D archery, skiing, his dog Yaz.

After an almost 20 year break from photography, he started again with this great hobby, two years ago.
Obviously, he never lost interest.

Rense does not have a specific interest or specialism in photography. He just gets what he thinks is worth it. You’ll find wildlife, people, animals, buildings, skylines, aviation and anything else new in the future.

The Gear

After picking up his old hobby again it was quite a challenge to find the right gear. After searching the internet en compare all advantages and disadvantages of the enormous available cameras, lenses and other accessories he made a choice in 2016. A Nikon body with a nice all-purpose lens.
But, due to the wide interest in all kind of photography opportunities, the gear was expanded quickly.

Curious about the gear Rense uses. Have a look at Gear used by ShiftyNL-Photography

After making new friends with the same hobby, Rense went on several trips, shooting all kind of birds, street events and you name it.
Rense learned a lot during these trips and in the meantime, the shooting was getting better.
The number of pictures as well.


Loads of pictures in a short time, posting them on Facebook.
Rense felt it was time to do something more with his photos and decided to build a website to show his portfolio.
A new challenge.
After trying some free sites Rense decided to make a different site with his own domain name.

And here you are.

Curious about his work then have a look at his portfolio.


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