1 – 12 April 2019, Frisian Flag

1 – 12 April Frisian Flag

Therefore, it is time again to prepare the hearing protection and the camera !!

Frisian Flag 2019

Exactly like in 2018, another major exercise is being organized at the Leeuwarden Airbase.
Speaking about this, have a look at my album page for pictures of this last year major event.

Leeuwarden Air Base

Leeuwarden Airbase is hosting the major Frisian Flag 2019 international exercise. Actually from Monday, April 1 through Friday till April 12, if you like to visit the Airbase.
Accordingly, 50 (hunting) aircraft, approximately, train extensive and complex international missions from the air base.

Additionally to the F-16s of the Dutch Air Force, the coalition partners Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland are participating.
By the way, the United States of America is also participating in Frisian Flag

Frisian Flag 2019
Frisian Flag 2019
Aircraft coming to Leeuwarden Air Base
GermanyEF-2000 Eurofighter (8x)
FranceM-2000D Dassault Mirage (4x)
UKCobham DA-20 (1x)
The NetherlandsF-16 Fighting Falcon (16x)
PolandF-16 Fighting Falcon (8x)
USF-16 Fighting Falcon (8x)
SwitzerlandF-18 Hornet (4x)

Do you want even more information then check over here (Dutch version)

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